In the aftermath of a youth suicide, there are many questions and usually few answers. Often, those individuals who are charged with leading a community through the grief process, including teachers, principals and community leaders, are grieving themselves.  Our Postvention Team offers crisis support services and assist community and school leaders in navigating the grief process, reaching out to other at-risk youth and talking with parents. Services can be provided in the community or school and are tailored to the specific needs of the community.

NMSIP’s Postvention team ( members include NMSIP staff, other youth serving clinicians, faith leaders, community volunteers)  is available to work with all local Santa Fe area school communities who have lost a student to suicide. NMSIP has developed response protocols for assisting school communities after a student suicide or related death and provides trained professionals who can offer appropriate support to help lessen the risk of further suicides.

Postvention Goals:

  • To support students, faculty, staff and parents as they grieve.
  • To prevent a contagious response from other vulnerable students.
  • To assess students who may be at risk.
  • To assist with immediate notifications and provide parent information
  • To assist administration in returning the school environment to its normal routine as quickly as possible.
  • To be a resource for ongoing student, staff and parent support, if needed.
  • To provide education regarding suicide to the school community.
  • To provide a network of resources for students, staff and families.

Due to the nature of the impact of a suicide, utilizing individuals experienced with handling this type of crisis is imperative. Please contact the New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project’s Postvention Team for support as you and your staff navigate this difficult time.  As a nonprofit organization, we are able to provide these crisis services at no cost and will do our best to accommodate the unique needs of your school community.

New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project:
505.820.1066 or after hours 505 660 9225

The SKY Counseling and Training Center: 505.473.6191