Natural Helpers is a peer-helping program situated in four Santa Fe Public schools. 

The program targets a diverse, cross-section of middle and high school students, ages 12-18.  Its purpose is to create a caring and supportive community within each school by teaching selected students to respond effectively when they or their peers experience a wide range of difficulties.  These young people learn skills that help them to cope with and respond in healthier, more positive ways to the problems that may lead to teen suicide or other self-destructive behaviors.  Each year, approximately 80-85 students in the Santa Fe Public School District are identified by their peers as potential Natural Helpers—young people who are seen as honest, caring, trustworthy, and having good listening skills. An additional 8-10 school staff (teachers or counselors) are also selected by the students to participate. This program helps teens establish friends and identify resources in Santa Fe that are available when a friend needs more help or has problems that need professional intervention.

For more information on Natural Helpers Programs
Call  505-699-0605 or 505 820-1066